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The region of Volgograd is located on the banks of river Volga in the Southeastern portion of the East European Plain. The river splits the region into two sub-regions namely the Low Left Bank and the High Right Bank. Its unique feature is that it acts as a link between various regions of Russia, the CIS nations and the rest of the world. Several major roads, waterways and railroads run through Volgograd.

The region is very rich in mineral resources such as mineral water, natural gas, oil, limestone, clay, phosphorite and others. Volgograd accounts for about 2% of the overall Russian industrial output and 28% of the total industrial products in the southern Federal District.

Volgograd is a member of the Volga economic district and an important industrial hub in the South of Russia. The industrial sectors of importance in the region are metalworking and engineering (includes electronics, warehouse equipment, medical and store instruments), oil refining, fuels (production of gas and oils), chemicals, food and petrochemicals and metallurgy.

Other well-developed industries in the region are woodworking, textile and building material. Light industry, forestry, paper and pulp and power industries are also noteworthy contributors to the economy. The main industrial products of the region include cement, roofing tiles, meat and meat products, steel pipes, tractors and milk products.

The industrial profile of the Volgograd region is undergoing a transformation with ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy gaining importance in the economy of the region. Over 400 industrial units operate in the region and together generate an output of approximately 18 trillion roubles.

Agriculture is a crucial part of the economy with several companies (joint stock, partnerships, cooperatives and others) dedicated to it. The important agricultural produce of the region includes potatoes, melons, sunflowers and wheat. The main animal products are milk, wool, eggs and meat.

Over 250 foreign companies and joint ventures operate in the region. Companies are involved in activities such as furniture making, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, construction, scientific research, textile and lumbering. Joint ventures of local and foreign companies are also involved in providing services such as transfer of money, transportation and maintenance of automobiles.

The principle exports of the Volgograd region are equipment for oil production such as drilling rigs, petroleum products, steel cables and pipes, heavy vehicles such as tractors, engines, cotton fabrics and fishing equipment.

The people of Volgograd are very hard working and honest. They make for excellent employees. This prosperous region has a bright future and investing in it will reap good benefits.

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