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Investing in the Tyumen region

Tyumen region is located on the Tura River, in the Urals Federal district in Russia. It is one of the fastest and most successful developing regions of Russia.

Economy of the Tyumen region:

From the economic point of view, Tyumen region is one of the most stable regions in Russia. The Tyumen region has a well-established wood, oil and gas industry. Besides, it offers a lot of scope in agriculture and mechanical engineering.

Many world renowned oil and gas companies, including LUKoil, Gazpromneft, TNK-BP and Gazprom have set up their representative offices in the Tyumen region. Besides, Tyumen is one of the very few Russian regions having a Techno-park.

Prominent enterprises in the Tyumen region:

Tyumen accommodates around 107 enterprises with foreign capital. Some major enterprises include ZAO Welding Electrodes Plant, OAO Gazturboservis, ZAO Sibgazpribor, ZAO Sibshvank, OAO Tyumen-Diesel, OOO SibUnigaz and , JV OOO ZapsibgazOmikron.

Most lucrative sectors for investment in the Tyumen region:

As per the opinion of experts and the Tyumen Regional Administration, the oil, timber, petrochemicals, food and beverages and gas machine engineering sectors are the ones that show a lot of promise and offer great investment appeal.

Transport infrastructure of the Tyumen region:

  • Airways:
    Tyumen region has an international airport.
  • Roadways:
    Tyumen region has an extensive road network, consisting of 9,361 km paved highways. Federal roads connect Tyumen to Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Khanty-Mansiysk and Omsk.
  • Railways:
    It has a railway network that’s 2, 451 km long. The Trans-Siberian Railroad passes through the Tyumen region.
  • Waterways:
    The water network of the Tyumen region spans 9,844 km, with prominent river ports located in Tobolsk and Tyumen.

Reasons to invest in the Tyumen region:

Following are some prominent reasons responsible for making Tyumen an investment friendly region:

  • It’s high industrial potential
  • Its favorable geographical location that provides close proximity with other large markets.
  • Its extensive source of natural resources
  • Its well-developed and efficient transport infrastructure
  • Its strong demand for consumer services and goods
  • Its investment-friendly policies (Tyumen region offers preferential tax treatment to the investors).

The Russian government readily allots land and other real estate items in the Tyumen region to both, Russian as well as the foreign investors.

Besides, the law concerning the investment activity in the region determines different methods of state support to both, Russian and foreign investors. The government offers tax privileges, including profit tax and property tax, to the investors implementing investment projects or targeted programs that are a part of Tyumen region’s investment program.  The government also provides reimbursement to both national and foreign investors, on a payback basis.

Thus, Tyumen region offers a favorable investment climate for the investors.

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