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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is both a city and a federal region of Russia located on the banks of Baltic Sea on the Gulf of Finland. The region founded by Tsar Peter I, served as the capital region of Russia for more than two centuries. Saint Petersburg is the home to St. Petersburg city, which is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow. The city is home for approximately 4.6 million people and is the fourth largest city in Europe. The Saint Petersburg city in the region acts as an important Russia port city on the Baltic Sea.

Saint Petersburg region in Russia is an important investment destination in Russia for foreign investors. The real estate sector is one of the lucrative investment sectors for foreign investors and this sector is experiencing boom due to growing interest in tourism and commerce in the region.

The leading industry in St.Petersburg is metalworking and machine building. Russia’s primary shipbuilding center is located St.Petersburg. St.Petersburg has an educated labour market and is closer to European markets. The proximity to European markets makes it a lucrative location for setting up assembly site fro multi nationals. Multinational companies can also benefit from cheaper costs and tax breaks provided by the government.

Saint Petersburg has some high profile projects in pipeline, which are ideal for private investment. The Construction of Sea Passenger Terminal in the western part of Vasilyevsky Island is considered to be estimated worth $101.58 million. A project of estimated worth $97.82 million is also available for private investment. The project involves dredging and construction of Sea Terminal.

Projects with potential foreign investment opportunity:

Ski Resort at Igora:

The second phase of Igora mountain ski resort in Leningrad requires a $50 million investment. $25 million has been already secured and the second phase of this ambitious project will have a restaurant, spa resort, an indoor swimming pool and a skating rink.

Construction of Petrochemical pipeline:

Foreign investors have opportunities to invest in construction of new petrochemical pipeline that runs through Yaroslavl, Primorskiy, Kirishi, and Kstovo. A terminal for trans-shipment of light is also planned in the Vyborg District of Leningrad region. The estimated cost of this project is projected to be $330 million.

Construction of exhibition centre:

A new big exhibition centre is planned in southern St, Petersburg. The estimated cost of this project is $300 million.

Investment in Wood/Paper/Pulp manufacturing industries:

Svetogorsk, which is part of International Paper Holding, has commissioned a paper pulp factory worth $150 million for producing cardboard and paper.  The capacity of plant will be 200 tons of pulp per annum. The new facility will increase the processing capacity of hardwood (aben) which grows abundant in Leningrad region. 

Investment opportunities in development of Infrastructure:

The local administration has signed a co-operation agreement with World Bank to develop regions infrastructure. Several foreign companies are already involved in construction of port facilities and logistics complexes in the Saint Petersburg region.

Investment opportunities in Power Generation:

A 650 million KW has been commissioned in St.Petersburg. The total estimated cost of project is $687.55 million.

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