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The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Has Provided An Update To The School Bus Fleet And Ambulances In The Regions

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in 2018 provided an update of the ambulance car fleet (with a life of more than five years) by 32% and the school bus fleet (with a life of more than 10 years) - more than 45% - about this says the published report of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. In total, 1,780 ambulance cars and 2,725 school buses of domestic production were purchased and delivered to the regions.

Japanese businessmen are ready to develop cooperation in the Far East

The implementation of projects in the transport and logistics sector and the hotel business was the subject of discussion by representatives of the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support (ANO API) with the leadership of the Japanese companies Daisei Group, the Keihan Group, Tribe holdings.

A new timber processing complex may appear in Transbaikalia

Singapore’s Sudima (Sudima), together with its Indian partner, KGK (KGK), plans to launch a project to set up a timber processing complex in Primorye and Trans-Baikal.

Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing to include water areas in the borders of TOR

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Territories of Advanced Socio-Economic Development in the Russian Federation ”and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.  The corresponding  document is  published on the official portal of legal information.  

Chinese Sub-Commission on Transport Cooperation was held in Guangzhou

The meeting of the Sub-Commission, acting within the framework of the Commission for the preparation of regular meetings of the heads of government of Russia and China, was held on July 26. The Russian side was headed by the Deputy Minister of Transport - Head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport Yuri Tsvetkov, the Chinese side - by the Deputy Minister of Transport of the PRC Dai Dongchang.

Japanese investor plans to recycle waste from coastal woodworking industries

With the assistance of the Far East Agency for Attracting Investments and Export Support (ANO API), a delegation of the Japanese company IREX (EREX Co., Ltd) headed by the main adviser of the company Kazihus Kharoy visited Primorye Territory and held talks with representatives of the regional government.

ARCHK DV will assist the Indian investment project in attracting and training

The Human Capital Development Agency in the Far East will help to provide qualified personnel for Indian investors implementing their projects in Primorye. At the meeting of Deputy General Director of ANO ARCHK DV Hasan Hasanbalayev with the leaders of the Indian company M. Suresh Vladivostok ”signed an agreement on strategic partnership in the field of human capital development.

For The First Time, The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Of Russia Issued An Opinion To The Manufacturer Of Flax-Growing Machinery Under Program 1432.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the first time issued an opinion to the manufacturer of flax machinery for compliance with the criteria of the Decree of the Russian Federation No. 1432.

Russian Electronic Equipment Will Receive Preferences In Public Procurement

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a resolution developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation that will create conditions for long-term development and the formation of competitive advantages of manufacturers of Russian radio-electronic products.

ANO API will support the "Arctic projects" in Yakutia

The Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO API) is ready to provide organizational and methodological support for launching projects in the arctic regions of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

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