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"Baikal harbor" will choose the optimal preferential regime to attract investors

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support (ANO API) in conjunction with the government of the Republic of Buryatia should make a comparison of the regimes of priority development areas and special economic zones and choose the most attractive investors to attract to Baikal Harbor . The corresponding instruction was given by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation - Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy

Getting a field in the Arctic and the Far East has become easier

The effect of the declarative principle of providing subsoil plots for purposes of geological exploration on the basis of entrepreneurial risk has been extended to areas with identified forecast resources of solid minerals of categories P1 and P2 in the Far East and the Arctic. Corresponding changes were made to the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation regulating the procedure for considering applications for obtaining the right to use subsoil for geological study of the subsoil. A set of me

The first resident of the TOR "Amur-Khinganskaya" launched production in commissioning mode

On the territory of advanced development "Amur-Khinganskaya" in the Jewish Autonomous Region, the company "Birobidzhan Metal Structures" is completing the construction of the main workshop for the production of sandwich panels and has already started production in the mode of commissioning. The investment project with a total cost of 937 million rubles is being implemented by agreement with the Far East Development Corporation JSC. Currently, the plant employs more than 40 people, upon completion of construction work will be created a

Yury Trutnev: plans for the development of the social infrastructure of Buryatia for 2019 are ambitious

In the Republic of Buryatia, they began to build, repair and modernize 77 social facilities under the Social Development Plan for Economic Growth Centers. The money is allocated from the federal budget through the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. Already this year, 7 medical institutions in Buryatia will be overhauled, and in 32 they will upgrade medical equipment. In 16 technical schools and colleges modernize the material and technical base, overhaul 35 educational instituti

A new cafe on the "Far Eastern hectare" works for residents of the northern village

In the Khabarovsk Territory, entrepreneur Valentina Zavyalova is developing her business in the village of Okhotsk with the help of a “Far Eastern hectare”. Two years ago, Valentina Savelyevna received a program on the site on which she built a new modern cafe to the delight of fellow villagers and visitors.

Denis Manturov Met With The Governor Of The Arkhangelsk Region

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, held a working meeting with Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov. At the meeting, the sides discussed issues of participation of enterprises in the region in programs for the modernization of production areas.

The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Has Released An Additive Equipment Catalog

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has formed a catalog of domestic products in the field of additive manufacturing for 2019. The list of modern high-tech Russian products will be regularly updated.

Sports and tourist base will be built by a resident of TOR in Kamchatka

JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" has signed an agreement on investment activities in the Tor "Kamchatka" POR ". The new resident of the territory of advanced development plans to create a tourist base with guest houses, swimming pools with thermal water and a sports motorway. The cost of the project is calculated at 56 million rubles, the implementation will create 10 jobs.

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