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KuibyshevАzot Joint Stock Company

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“KuibyshevAzot” OJSC is one of the leading companies of the Russian chemical industry.

The company conducts its business in two areas:
- production of caprolactam and its derived products (PA-6, high tenacity yarns, cord fabric, engineering plastics);
- production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.

Besides, “KuibyshevAzot” produces process gases which meet requirements of the main business-directions and at the same time are independent commodity products.

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OAO Gazprom

Contact Number: 
(+7 495) 719-30-01

Gazprom is one of the world’s largest energy companies. Its major business lines are geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of hydrocarbons as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power. Gazprom’s mission is to ensure maximally efficient and balanced gas supply to Russian customers and reliably fulfill long-term gas export contracts.


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Russian Sea Group

Contact Number: 
+7 (495) 648 93 68

Russian Sea Group is a leading Russian consumer food company specializing in the production and distribution of branded ready-to-eat, chilled and frozen fish and seafood products with sales of RUR 17,317m in 20091 

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Vozrozhdenie Bank

Contact Number: 
(495) 777-0-888

Vozrozhdenie Bank provides personal banking and business services to clients throughout the Russian Federation. Our nationwide network includes 172 locations and 700 ATMs. We provide 1 500,000 clients with a range of services, from savings accounts, payment handling and payroll management to mortgages, bank cards and business and consumer loans. We are successful for one reason; complete focus on the needs of our clients.


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Service Provider

Tax in Russia

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Russia Competitive Advantage

After the collapse of Soviet Union, the Russian Federation emerged as the largest country. After the formation of separate Russia, the series of reforms introduced by new government did not go as planned and the country plunged into deep recession.

How to start business in Russia

Starting a business in Russia has been tarnished for a very long time by reports of corruption. However, people who overlooked these exaggerated stories have benefited from the surging Russian economy that is growing at an average rate of 6% since the last decade. The future prospects of Russian economy are still bright as forecasts have predicted a 1.7% to 1.8% growth in consumption annually.


Russia at a glance for foreign investors

Russia, with a total area of around 17 million square kilometres, is the largest country. Russia shares its border with Finland in the north, Kazakhstan Mongolia, China, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the south, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries in the west and North Korea to the east. Besides, Japan and the US are in close distance from the eastern coast of Russia. Russia’s close proximity to all these nations makes it a favourable investment destination.

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Invest in Russia is the essential resource for modern investors seeking to learn more about Russia’s unique investment opportunities. Through the Invest in Russia magazine, portal and weekly newsletter, we aim to market and analyse investment destinations, various industry sectors & investment opportunities in Russia. 

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-    Investment Destinations (Regions/Cities) in Russia

St. Petersburg

The city of Saint Petersburg is the capital of the Northwest Federal district of Russia. It is located on the banks river Neva.

St. Petersburg is an important financial and industrial city of Russia. This trading center specializes in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, heavy machinery and military equipment, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, electronics, computer, software, textile and other industries.

Tourism is an important contributor to the economy of St. Petersburg. Several people visit the city because it has several museums and architecture.

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