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Turkey Refused To Introduce Restrictive Measures In Respect Of Metal Products Of The Russian Federation

Turkey has ceased, without introducing a protective measure, a special protective investigation conducted in respect of a wide range of steel products origin, including from Russia. This was told by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

According to the results of the proceedings, the Turkish side made a unanimous decision to complete the investigation without imposing any restrictions due to the absence of a sharp and significant increase in imports of steel products to the Turkish market, as well as serious damage or threat of causing such damage to Turkish manufacturers.

- said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

According to Denis Manturov, the Ministry of Industry and Trade took an active part in the investigation, forming the legal position of the Russian side.

In turn, the coordinated work of the team of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Turkey allowed to consolidate efforts to prevent the introduction of barriers to Russian steel products and to keep Russian supplies to the Turkish market on average worth more than $ 1.5 billion.

- noted the Minister.

The Republic of Turkey is one of the strategic markets for Russian steel companies. Export of products averages over 30% of total exports of Russian steel products. In addition, Turkey is the main export market for Russian hot-rolled steel, the second largest export market for semi-finished products and the third for primary processing products. In addition, in 2017, significant value added products were exported to Turkey.

A special protective investigation regarding a wide range of steel products was launched by Turkey on April 27, 2018 as a response to the introduction of additional duties by the United States on national security concerns for steel and aluminum and was conducted on products classified in HS codes 7208, 7209, 7210, 7211, 7212, 7225, 7226, 7213, 7214, 7215, 7216, 7217, 7227, 7228, 7302, 7303, 7304, 7305, 7306, 7219, 7220, originated from all third countries. From October 17, 2018, a preliminary measure was in the form of tariff quotas, deliveries over which were taxed at a rate of 25%.


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