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Tourists from 47 countries of the world will become passengers of tourist trains through the DFO

In 2019, 12 special charter trains will pass along the Trans-Siberian Railway for tourists from 47 countries of the world. The project of the German company Lernidee Erlebnisraisen GmbH ( Lernidee E rlebnisreisen Gmb N) is supported by the Agency of the Far East for attracting investments and supporting exports.

“The first train in the project was launched in early May. He went on the route Moscow - Beijing from the Kazan station. The train’s passengers were 174 tourists from 14 countries of the world, ”noted Leonid Petukhov, Director General of ANO API.

The head of the Agency recalled that in March of this year, ANO API and Lernidea Erlebnisraisen GmbH (Lernidee ЕrlebnisreisenGmbН) signed an agreement on cooperation to attract investors in the tourism sector. “The company is one of the strategic partners of the Agency for the implementation of investment projects and programs aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the Russian Far East regions for foreign tourists,” he commented.

Lernidea Erlebnisraisen GmbH was set up with the ANO API to actively develop the luxury segment of railway, river and sea tourism in the Russian Far East, attracting investment in tourism projects. According to Leonid Petukhov, this summer the German partner plans to launch 4 charter river cruises along the Lena River from Yakutsk to the Lena Delta near Tiksi. “This will be a test launch for guests from North America,” he explained, noting that ANO API intends to attract Lernidea Erlebnisraisen GmbH to inform foreign investors interested in investing in tourist facilities in the regions of the Russian Far East and implement it with German companies joint marketing activities.

According to the owner and president of the company Lernidea Erlebnisraisen GmbH “Hans Engberding, tourist projects allow us to make Russia more open and show it from a friendly side. “There are those who doubt the level of comfort. Most go those who curiosity takes precedence before all kinds of fears. And suddenly, once they are here, they see a completely different Russia, about which they are told in the newspapers. I am particularly pleased with how tourists change during the trip. At first they are kept quite formally with the train staff. But on the third day smiles, conversations, friendships begin, because they meet a very friendly and open attitude towards themselves. At the end of the journey, they say goodbye to the train crew almost with tears. And I understand them. The beauty of Russia and the Russian soul are unforgettable feelings. I myself have experienced it many times "

Note that Hans Engberding is the author of several books about the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Trans-Siberian Railway Guidebook has become the most popular book about Russia in Germany. In 2018, 11 copies of this book were published.


Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support

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