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The Task Of GISP Is To Create Value Added For Industrial Enterprises

 As part of the business program of the Russian Investment Forum Sochi-2018, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Vasily Osmakov discussed the transformation of the state administration system and took part in the discussion on the development of new technologies in the energy sector.

By 2019 it is planned to complete the creation of the Eurasian network of industrial cooperation and subcontracting. The formation of its Russian segment on the basis of the State Information System of Industry (GISP), the Deputy Minister told during a round table discussion on the new formats of interaction between the EAGE countries.

"GISP is the most advanced digital platform in Russia today for building up industrial subcontracting services. Our task is to create such a system that would form an added value for enterprises and act for them as a unified working environment: from participation in the competitions of state support programs to electronic confirmation of the origin of products. In addition, GISP will assume some of the functions to collect statistical reporting in industry , "said Vasily Osmakov.

According to the Deputy Minister, the competition in the world market is no longer between products and complex technological solutions. It now appears on the level of trading platforms. Therefore, the ultimate goal of creating sites such as GISP, where deals are made for tens of billions of rubles per day, is to increase the global competitiveness of the industrial sector in Russia and the EEA countries as a whole.

A sharp aggravation of competition is also taking place in the global energy market, which is experiencing a digital transformation. Participants of the panel session "Intellectual Energy: Challenges and Strategy" discussed the introduction of domestic IT technologies in the fuel and energy sector. Vasily Osmakov, speaking about the development of Russian software for oil and gas engineering, cited as examples the creation of a hydraulic fracturing simulator within the framework of the Cyber ​​CSR competition, as well as the project of the domestic digital underwater production complex.

Issues of transformation of a different kind, already in the context of public administration, were discussed at a session on the introduction of project approaches in the work of government bodies. Stressing the historically developed project and investment character of the activities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the deputy heads of the department noted the positive effect of the ministry's cooperation with the federal design office. Joint work allows you to more efficiently "pack" priority projects and improve the quality of their management.      


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