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Stroytransgaz to purchase conglomerate of eight firms specializing in transport, industrial, and house construction

Stroytransgaz has initiated the deal on acquisition of ARKS Group that comprises eight largest companies specializing in the transport, industrial, and house construction.
The acquisition of ARKS Group continues the policy of Stroytransgaz for its activity diversification. As part of these activities, Stroytransgaz acquired Set’stroyservis on July, 2011, that dealt with the engineering and construction of power grids, civil and industrial facilities, and provided a full range of engineering services in the field of management of reconstructed facilities and those under construction.
Stroytransgaz’ 20-year working experience and highly qualified profile assets make the company one of the major players in the Russian market of transport, industrial, and house construction.

Today the company is ready to enter into a number of large infrastructure projects, - said Sergey Makarov, Chairman of the Management Board of the company.

Stroytransgaz has great experience in oil and gas, and energy facilities construction. The experience of transport, house and civil construction is not new for the company – having carried out a number of major projects in Russia and abroad in this field, said Makarov.

Together with the order portfolio increase, Stroytransgaz develops its activity in parallel fields and intends to become a major player in the market, added Makarov.

At present Stroytransgaz is working over the issue of joining a number of projects in the transport, industrial and house construction.

Stroytransgaz is a major Russian construction and engineering company. Stroytransgaz implements and manages the investment and construction projects in oil and gas, energy and other fields of industrial and civil construction.

Stroytransgaz ranks in the top hundred construction and engineering companies according to the international agency Engineering News Record. Stroytransgaz conducts its production activity in 17 countries. Besides Russia, traditional markets of the company include countries from the Middle East, North Africa, South and Central Asia.
Today Stroytransgaz adopts the industrial diversification policy. As for the energy sector the company is implementing the projects - Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant, Power distribution facilities for the Kalinin nuclear power plant, and others. For several years the company has increased its share of proceeds from energy projects from 0 to 23%.

ARKS Group is a unique high-tech construction enterprise carrying out a full range of construction activities. Just in Moscow, the company is simultaneously carrying implementing the construction at more than 80 large construction projects.

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