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Seaside traveler on the "Far Eastern hectares" contributes to the development of domestic tourism

The picturesque nature of Primorsky Krai provides excellent opportunities for the development of domestic tourism - many routes of different categories of complexity, from family weekend tours to motor-tourism and extreme rafting on mountain rivers, are developed and are popular in the region. Entrepreneur Prokhor Titov has long been engaged in the development of recreation and tourism in Primorye. He himself is an active traveler, behind whom is a cross over the Kodar mountain range, a cycle tour along the K56 highway M56 "Magadan - Yakutsk", a motor-tour Altai - Mongolia - Sakhalin. Today Prokhor is building a camping site for tourists on his own “Far Eastern hectares”.

“I looked at my plot in the Partizansky district on the bank of the Tigrovaya River near the village of Khmelnitsky during one of the hikes in Primorye,” says Prokhor Titov. I checked the territory using the FIS database “To the Far East”, and found that this land can be arranged according to the program. In 2017, I received three “Far Eastern hectares” here, submitting applications from all family members and indicating the construction of a recreation center as a type of activity. Camping began to build almost immediately. Now there is a house on the plot, a territory for a summer tent holiday has been prepared, electricity has been installed, the issue of water supply is being resolved. The plans for this year include work on the drainage of areas, road construction and landscape design. ”

Colleagues, friends and tourists who visited the Prokhor site, say that the natural views here are "a million dollars" and are not inferior to the beauties of the American Grand Canyon. And you can believe this, because in two steps from the base of Prokhor there are “Seaside Dardanelles” - a stone gorge, recognized as a regional geomorphological site. This is an unusually picturesque place - on the steep slopes of the mountains rise the remnants of remnants of ancient castles, stone staircases built of granite plates of the Mesozoic era descend to the river, and rhododendron blooms on the rocks in spring. Tourist rafting takes place along the Tigrovaya River, which flows through the gorge, and popular “weekend routes” are laid in these places for citizens who leave to relax in the countryside.

“The potential for the development of tourism in Primorsky Krai is very high,” says Prokhor Titov. - Given the growing popularity of our destination among tourists from China, Korea, and in the future - Japan and Indonesia, that is, there is every chance that the unique nature of Primorye will receive international recognition. My project of the tourist camp and recreation center is still at an early stage, but there is reason for optimism, because our idea is synchronized with large trends - the Far Eastern Hectare program, which allowed us to receive land, a common course for the development of the Far East and the growing popularity of Primorsky Krai as a tourist destination. And what is important - the camping format for Primorye is a novelty, so it will be in demand. It remains only to do business! "

According to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, the Primorsky Territory holds regional leadership in terms of the number of plots issued under the Far Eastern Hectare program. To date, 14,700 contracts of gratuitous use have been concluded in this subject of the FEFD. For recipients of “Far Eastern hectares” in the region, 24 state support measures are available , which can be found on the website of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East . To date, the amount of assistance provided to the participants of the state program "Far Eastern hectare" in the Primorye Territory, amounted to nearly 48.5 million rubles.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East



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