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Sakhalin beekeepers on “Far Eastern hectares” expand production and develop cooperation

In Sakhalin, the beekeeping farm is successfully developing on the received “Far Eastern hectares” and actively uses the small business support measures available in the region. The Burdakov family in the Dolinsky urban district has been engaged in beekeeping for almost 15 years. We started with just four beehives, and in 2014 we decided to formalize a peasant farm and put honey production on stream.

Having received the first grant as a novice farmer, the head of the farm, Andrei Burdakov, increased the number of hives, built a storage facility and bought the necessary equipment. Three years later, once again taking advantage of existing support measures, Andrew drafted documents and received a grant to develop a family livestock farm. The start of the Far Eastern Hectare program was taken by the Burdakovs as an excellent chance to expand the economy and in 2016 they registered two sites in the village of Sokol, Dolinsky District, Sakhalin Oblast.

“Having received the plots, we surrounded them with a fence, and immediately began building,” says a member of the peasant farm, Elena Burdakova. - Now, on our hectares, there is a wintering omshanik for bees, a shed storage, a summer pavilion, a shed for goats. We are not only building on the land received under the program, but also developing a food base for bees: last year we planted mustard and phacelia, and in this plan to experiment with other honey-bearing herbs. Here, on Sakhalin, the beautiful nature and there are all conditions for the production of delicious honey! After all, it is known that northern honey is more beneficial than southern honey. ”


According to Elena Evgenievna, in the nearest plans of farmers - receiving five more “Far Eastern hectares”. Now the Burdakovs study the terrain and look after places that would answer all the subtleties of the local beekeeping. It does not endure haste when it comes to industrial production - farmers have already purchased a press for squeezing honey from zabrus, kremilovka, mixing honey varieties from several pumpings, equipment for producing propolis and royal jelly. 

In addition to its famous apiary, the Burdakovs are successfully engaged in animal husbandry. And although this is not the main direction for farmers, they begin to try themselves in the production of cheese. Their farm becomes a point of attraction for other recipients of the “Far Eastern hectare” in the region: just recently, at a meeting of local farmers, it was decided to create a cooperative. This project would help farms "per hectare" with the development of sites through the sharing of equipment and marketing of finished products. The new cooperative has already received the working title: "Spring".

Individual housing construction is leading in Sakhalin in popularity among the uses of the “Far Eastern hectare”. According to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, 48% of applicants chose IZhS as the type of activity. 21% of applicants indicated agriculture in the form of use (plant growing, animal husbandry, beekeeping, horticulture, etc.), then there is a plot in the form of a summer house, garden or kitchen garden - 15%, 8% of citizens took Far Eastern hectares for rest, and % of Sakhalin residents plan to do business on their hectares.

For recipients of the “Far Eastern hectares” in the Sakhalin region, 35 state support measures are available, which can be found on the ARFA’s Far East web site . These include grants and subsidies for the creation of family farms, preferential leasing of agricultural equipment, social payments to young families, preferential loans for small and medium-sized businesses, reimbursement for the construction of an individual residential house. To date, the amount of assistance provided to the participants of the state program "Far Eastern hectare" in the Sakhalin Region amounted to more than 58 million rubles.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East


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