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Russian pharmaceuticals giant, Protek Group, acquires AnviLab and its assets

Protek Group, a leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market, announced last month the signing of an agreement to acquire 100% ownership of ??? AnviLab and its assets in a deal valued at around $60 million.

OOO AnviLab holds the rights to prominent pharmaceutical brands such as Antigrippin-maximum, Gepaguard, Influnet, and others, and owns ANVI Laboratory registered trademark. The assets purchased in the deal will be managed by Protek Group’s Production Segment flagship, ZAO FarmFirma Sotex.

AnviLab was purchased as part of the Group’s pre-IPO strategy of bolstering its Production Segment. The deal will significantly expand the product portfolio of ZAO FarmFirma Sotex, boosting its development in the OTC Segment it recently tapped into. An important benefit of the deal is sharing a pool of expertise between the two companies.

The deal gives Protek Group the rights to 42 trademarks and product names, 13 patents, and 11 exclusive rights agreements. Antigrippin-maximum, an OTC medicine, is the most prominent branded product among the purchased brands, ranked second in sales volume in the 2010—2011 season, or 14.6% share of the anti-cold combination drugs market. AnviLab assets purchased by the Group also include promising Rx brands: Anvifen, Metaprote, Influnet, and others.

Mr. Vadim Muzyayev, the President of Protek Group, noted that as a result of the deal, the company’s production company Sotex will gain an expanded presence in the OTC Segment.

Diversified portfolio and well-known brands with big market shares will give the Company additional opportunities for sustainable growth and revenue increases. The deal will take Sotex closer to its goal of making it into TOP 3 Russian drug manufacturers, said Muzyayev.

The company expects that the portfolio integration driven growth of the Group’s Production Segment will become an important driver of sustainable growth and help create new value for its shareholders, said Muzyayev.

Protek Group is one of the largest vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies in Russia. The Group 2010 consolidated revenue was RUB 99,841 million. Its segment flagships include CV Protek, a national distributor of pharmaceuticals; Rigla chain, the second largest nation-wide pharmacy chain; and pharmaceutical manufacturer FarmFirma Sotex.

ZAO FarmFirma Sotex is a flagship of Protek Group’s Production Segment, operating to GMP standards. The company was established in 1999 and in 2010 was ranked 4th among the Russian drug manufactures, with a market share of 3.64%. The revenue of Protek Group’s Production Segment in 2010 was RUB 4,771 million.

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