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Russian budget surplus at 0.3% of GDP in Jan-April - MinFin (Part 2)

 Russia posted a federal budget surplus of 67.14 billion rubles, or 0.3% of GDP, in the January-April of this year, the Finance Ministry said, citing preliminary data.

Budget revenues amounted to 4.754 trillion rubles, or 35% of revenues set down in budget law for 2014, and cash expenditures to 4.687 trillion rubles, or 33.6% of the spending intended this year and 33.5% adjusted.
According to an initial estimate, the primary federal budget surplus was 222.679 billion rubles, or 1.5% of GDP.
GDP totaled 21.843 trillion rubles in January-April.
The Finance Ministry raised its forecast for the budget surplus in January-March to 175.73 billion rubles, or 1.1% of GDP, from 110.066 billion rubles, or 0.73% of GDP. The April budget had a deficit of 108.589 billion rubles, or 1.9% of GDP.
Oil and gas revenues to the budget totaled 2.517 trillion rubles in the 4M, or 38.6% of the target for the year. Non-oil and gas revenues were 2.237 trillion rubles, or 31.8%.
The Federal Tariff Service (FTS) provided the federal budget with 2.985 trillion rubles (34.6%), the Federal Customs Service (FCS) - 2.295 trillion rubles (35.3%), and Russia's Federal Property Agency (Rosimushchestvo) - 4.621 billion rubles (2.3%).
Other federal agencies transferred 55.805 billion rubles to the budget (44.3% of the forecast for the year). Excluding revenue from the transfer of some Central Bank profits and the management of Reserve Fund and National Welfare fund monies, the budget received 333.212 billion rubles (51.3% of forecast federal budget revenue for 2014).
18 May 2014

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