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Putin says UK business community can take part in carrying out Russia’s National Projects

 Hundreds of billions of dollars are planned to be invested into development of economy and social sphere within the framework of National Projects in Russia, according to Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited British entrepreneurs to take part in implementing the National Projects at a meeting with representatives of the UK business community working in Russia.

"Hundreds of billions of dollars are planned to be invested into developing the most important sectors of the economy and the social sphere within the framework of the National Projects in Russia. I did not make a slip in speaking, what we’re talking about here is namely investments of hundreds of billions of dollars. I am confident your companies could take part in this work also. The market is fairly large," Putin noted.

Carrying the National Projects will have an across-the-board effect for the country’s strong growth that will open significant doors to business growth, including businesses from the United Kingdom, the president added.

Russian investments into Britain’s economy

Putin highlighted the mutual figures noting that British investment into the Russian economy is 23.8%, while Russian investors have poured over $11 billion into the UK’s economy.

"The accumulated British investments into the Russian economy now amount to 23.8%, and Russian investments into the UK’s economy exceed $11 billion," said the president, pointing out that there are over 600 enterprises working in Russia, with British participation, including in such areas as engineering, pharmaceuticals, fuel and energy, production and transportation of electricity and other innovative fields.

The Russian leader took the opportunity and invited representatives of the UK business community to take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will be held on June 6-8.

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