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Putin highlights pressing need for efficient protection of entrepreneurs’ rights

 The Russian president requested prosecutors to "decisively respond to violations in this sphere"

Greater efficiency in protection of rights of businessmen and promotion of business climate improvement are among critical tasks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at the extended meeting of the Board of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office.

"This is extremely important for us because we must compensate limitations we face from the outside by improving the quality of our work inside," Putin noted.

"Everything is in our hands. I request prosecutors to decisively respond to violations in this sphere, provide efficient aid and support to entrepreneurs in defending their lawful rights and interests," he said.

"Your direct responsibility is to monitor situations related to criminal prosecution of business representatives and promptly use measures of prosecutor’s supervision in case of need, including prevention of ungrounded extension of staying under arrest or actions leading to disintegration of companies, to loss of jobs by individuals," the head of state said.

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