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Prosecutors’ checks in 2018 resulted in suspension of 425 air pilots

The air transport agency Rosaviatsiya annulled 160 flight certificates, according to the prosecutor-general

MOSCOW. More than 400 air pilots were suspended last year following prosecutors’ checks, Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika told the Prosecutor-General’s Office board meeting on Tuesday.

"In order to ease the role of human errors in air crashes we continued inspections of civil aviation flight schools. A total of 425 air pilots were suspended until the elimination of various violations. Two training centers were closed down. The air transport agency Rosaviatsiya annulled 160 flight certificates," Chaika said.

He urged transport prosecutors to focus efforts on the protection of passengers’ rights and the observance of the law in the field of transportation and of training technicians and flight and shipping personnel.

"You should also take measures to resist the marketing of products prohibited from importing into Russia and currency legislation violations," Chaika said.

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