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MINPROMTORG Russia Told About New Projects Of Eco-Quarters From Wood

 The State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov spoke about the prospects of multi-storey construction with the use of modern building materials made of wood within the framework of the presentation at the session "Modern Housing" at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The session was also attended by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men , the General Director of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) Alexander Plutnik , architecture professor and head of the architectural bureau Magnus Monsson (Sweden), as well as representatives of Russian construction companiescompanies.

"The construction of wood is often associated with suburban housing, but world experience shows that the use of structural materials from wood is also relevant in the construction of multi-storey buildings in megacities. In Russia we are already changing these views. The houses made of wood, created from eco-friendly energy-saving modern materials, allow residents in the center of a huge city to feel the benefits of living close to nature, "Viktor Yevtukhov said in his speech.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation presented projects for the creation of modern eco-quarters on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. Their implementation involves the use of technologies of wooden housing construction and the use of sustainable building materials.

"We are not only focused on individual projects, in our plans to define a new town-planning concept, to change the construction paradigm. We do not call for the abandonment of traditional materials, but taking into account the plans put forward to increase the commissioning of housing and increase the pace of construction, it is in our interests to actively involve in building new modern wooden materials and use the renewable resource that we are so rich in, "Viktor Yevtukhov added.

The project of the WOOD City quarter in Moscow covers the territories where the old panel five-story buildings currently stand. It is assumed that some of these houses will be modernized with the use of technologies of wooden housing construction. When building a block, it is envisaged to use various technologies: erection of buildings only from frame panels, construction of modular wooden houses, as well as combined constructions (partially stone, partially wooden houses). In the near future, the project will be presented to the chief architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov.

Another project is Sokol Town in Solnechnogorsk (Moscow region), which will be built next to the forest. Its priorities are: accessibility for the middle class, compliance with the natural landscape through various architectural forms. Land for construction plans to provide AHML. To reduce the cost during the construction will be used frame-panel technology of construction with the decoration of three types of external panels: brick, metal and wood. It is also planned to build a school and a kindergarten on the territory of the block.

For reference

Houses made from skeleton panels ( CLT panels) and other wooden construction materials have a number of advantages over concrete and brick buildings: high speed of erection, cleanliness and silence of work, relatively small number of personnel on the construction site.

With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, several projects are being developed aimed at developing the production base for the further creation of "wooden blocks" in different parts of the country. So, at present, the option of creating a new plant for the production of modern CLT panels is being considered at the site of the Sokol Woodworking Plant (Vologda Region).

In the future, the growth of the market of wooden housing construction will amount to 20% - including, due to the appearance of multi-storey large-panel wooden housing construction using CLT technology and other modern developments. In addition, the share of the "gray" market will significantly decrease, as a program of affordable lending will appear. Increasing the utilization of enterprises and the introduction of new technologies will lead to a reduction in the cost of production, increase of accessibility and quality of housing.




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