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Localization Support Tools Are Aimed At Strengthening The Global Competitiveness Of Enterprises

 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov told about it today at the International business conference "InRussia-2017" in Moscow .

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation took part in the plenary session "Make with Russia", the main topic of which was the discussion of practical experience of localization of industrial production in the Russian Federation. He told about the main approaches of the Ministry to localization and key directions of development of the relevant regulatory framework.

Vasily Osmakov reminded the participants of the meeting that from February 1, 2018, a new edition of the 719th RF Government Decree will come into force - one of the key documents in terms of localization, which determines the criteria for Russian products. 

The changes introduced by the new edition are more technical in nature and do not change the very procedure for confirming the production of industrial products on the territory of Russia. The latest additions have concerned equipment for food machine building. But three new industry applications have already been prepared and are being approved: the production of measuring instruments, elevators and the electronic industry "

Vasily Osmakov said during his speech.    

Thus, clear criteria for localization continue to cover an increasing number of industries. At the same time, the circle of market participants is widening, for which general and transparent "rules of the game" are formed. According to the deputy minister, the 719th decree is both a language of communication with business and a road map, the realization of which opens new opportunities for industrial companies.

Vasily Osmakov also noted another important trend - the inclusion in the mechanisms to stimulate the localization of export requirements. The increase in the supply of industrial products abroad is, in particular, one of the main conditions when entering into special investment contracts with companies (SPIC).

The main goal of industrial policy today is not even import substitution, but the creation and development in Russia of competence centers built into international value chains. Therefore, the criteria for localization of Russian products, and spetsinvestcontracts - is, in fact, the mechanisms to strengthen competitive positions in the global market of domestic producers and Russian divisions of foreign companies "

stressed Vasily Osmakov.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade informed also about the changes in the standard form of the SPIC prepared by the Ministry and the rules for its conclusion. The document is already at the final stage of approval in the Government and can be adopted before the end of this year. One of the key innovations is the granting of powers to the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia to conclude special contracts and expand the operation of this mechanism to all possible industries.

To date, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has already concluded 12 federal SPIC with a total volume of announced investments in the framework of projects more than 272 billion rubles. Two more specinvestcontracts are being prepared for signing - with the companies "Gerofarm" and "Hamilton-Standard Science".


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