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International investor plans to produce wood-based panels on the TOR of Primorye

The General Director of the Far East Development Corporation JSC met with the General Director of Kronospan LLC Ardasher Kurbansho. The Austrian group of companies is considering the construction of a plant for the production of wood plates from logging waste in one of the priority development areas in Primorsky Krai.

Discussing the choice of the optimal site for production, the parties focused on two TORs - "Nadezhdinskaya" and "Mikhailovsky" as the most suitable in terms of logistics.

“There is a large export potential in Primorye: near the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, China. The project will be more competitive if manufactured and sold from the shoulder of the Far East. The emergence of production in the DFO will ensure our confident presence in the world market, ”said Ardasher Kurbansho.

The head of the Austrian holding subsidiary stressed that the production will not use commercial wood, and the raw material for the production of chipboard, MDF and OSB slabs will be slab, chips, sawdust and trimming: “We can collect this waste. But here it is important to keep a distance - to place the plant close to the logging sites - at a distance of 100-200 kilometers, as well as railway lines and ports. Then it will be useful both for the forest and for business. ”

“Together we need to determine the exact parameters of the project, on the basis of which we will select the optimal land plot, we will develop a detailed plan for providing the necessary infrastructure. Our main principle is to provide investors with a full range of “one-stop-shop” services, ”said Aslan Kanukoyev, Director General of the Far East Development Corporation, at the meeting.

During the conversation, the head of the Corporation invited a potential investor to participate in the EEF-2019, which for five years serves as a platform for mutually beneficial communication between the business circles of Russia and the APR countries, concluding key contracts for the region.

In the continuation of the business visit, the general director of Kronoshpan, accompanied by a representative of KRDV JSC, visited the Nadezhdinskaya and Mikhailovsky TDs, where he examined potential sites for plant placement.

Kronospan Group of Companies is one of the world leaders in the production of wood-based panels, as well as value-added products - furniture, laminate, has several wood-processing enterprises in Russia and the world.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.



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