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Icelandic companies are ready to participate in the development of the fish processing industry DFO

The Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency (ANO API) will assist in intensifying the Icelandic consortium Knarr Maritime (Knarr Maritime) relations with the Far Eastern business. Such an agreement was reached following the visit of the Agency’s delegation to Reykjavik.

Under the brand "Knarr Maritime" work six Icelandic companies: Skaginn 3X, Frost, Rafeyr, Nautic, Skipataekni, Brimrun, Naust Marine. They specialize in designing and designing fishing vessels, manufacturing equipment for ships and coastal fish processing enterprises.

The management of Knarr Maritime presented its technological developments and spoke about the projects being implemented. According to managing director Haraldur Aurnason, the consortium is ready to provide its technology to Far Eastern companies. He stressed that Icelandic designers use non-standard approaches when designing ships and equipment, paying great attention to creating comfortable conditions for seafarers and ensuring their safety when working at sea. Icelandic companies took part in projects to create several crab vessels of the PrimKrab company and new-generation trawlers for the fishing company Norebo.

A number of consortium projects are related to the supply of equipment for the launch of Far Eastern fish processing industries. In February 2018, the consortium signed a contract for the supply of equipment for a modern fish processing plant in Shikotan. The plant will be equipped with the most advanced technologies for sorting, packing and freezing 900 metric tons of pelagic fish per day. Another plant will appear in 2020 in Kamchatka. In July of last year, Skaginn 3X signed a contract for the supply of equipment for an ultra-modern processing plant to the V. I. I. Lenin. The factory in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will be equipped with the latest technologies for sorting, packing and freezing pollock, cod, salmon, squid, as well as some types of pelagic fish.

According to Haraldur Aurnason, Icelandic technology allows you to get the maximum economic return from each catch by using the most modern equipment. He noted that thanks to its innovations, Iceland has become a world leader in the field of efficient use of its national bioresources.

“It is important that strong players come to the Far East and introduce the most modern technologies. In Iceland seek to get the maximum benefit from each fish. The same approach is used in the construction and launch of factories. Cooperation with Knarr Maritime can be successful for the development of the fish processing industry and fishing. This is shown by the first projects implemented in the Far Eastern Federal District, ”said Leonid Petukhov, General Director of ANO API.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support



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