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Ice cream production started on Sakhalin

A new shop for the production of ice cream launched in the city of Poronaisk Sakhalin region. The project for the modernization and reconstruction of equipment for producing its own line of ice cream is being implemented on the basis of the Poronaisk dairy plant, whose products are already known in the region. Ice cream will be the 18th product name of the plant.

Modern equipment for the production of ice cream delivered to Sakhalin from the Moscow region. The amount of investment was about 40 million rubles. The capacity of the line today is 3 tons of ice cream per hour. It is planned to produce several types of products: in a waffle cup (cream and chocolate) and by weight (full-package), as well as with fruit fillings. The equipment was updated at the company's own funds, part of the costs was reimbursed by the subsidy from the regional budget.

Poronaysk dairy products are popular with Sakhalin and Kurile residents.  It is sold in 700 stores throughout the region, and it is purchased by catering enterprises. The appearance of a new product in the region was waiting.

“It is wonderful that such production was opened in the Sakhalin outback. We live on the island, and therefore it is very important that people here have their own, high-quality and fresh products. I am sure that Poronay ice cream will be enjoyed by both children and adults, ”commented the head of the Sakhalin region, Valery Limarenko.

As the head of the company, Mikhail Kim, said, the products are prepared according to the classic formula: from natural ingredients and without vegetable fats, taking into account the requirements of GOST.

“The production process is almost completely automated. The plans include expanding the product range, supplying it to the mainland and even abroad, ”he said.

The first batch of new products has already been sent to the neighboring Makarovsky district, tomorrow the products will arrive on the counters of the Smirnykhovsky district. In the near future, residents of the south of the island and other areas will be able to try poronay ice-cream. For transportation was bought a specialized car.

Chinese partners are already showing interest in Sakhalin products. It is planned to cooperate with them at the enterprise after the needs of the Sakhalin region are met.

Today, 82 people work at the Poronaisky dairy plant. Over the past three years, annual production has increased by more than three thousand tons. The plant uses milk from agricultural producers from four districts of the region as raw materials. The company is working on updating equipment and equipment. So, in June, a new line for milk bottling and a milk tanker will arrive here.



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