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Foreign investors are invited to the FEFD for projects in the field of gas chemistry

On the margins of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, meetings were held between Leonid Petukhov, Director General of the Far East Agency for Investment Promotion and Export Support (ANO API), with the leadership of Chinese and Japanese companies to discuss the implementation of gas chemistry projects in the Far East.

According to Leonid Petukhov, cooperation in the oil and gas sector seems to be long-term and mutually beneficial, since the foreign side will be provided with security of the energy import channels, and the Russian side will be provided with the diversification of hydrocarbon exports.

“We discussed the possibility of participation of foreign investors in projects in the field of gas and chemical production. In particular, our Agency offered partners the opportunity to participate in the construction of medium-tonnage production of liquefied natural gas in Yakutia and the creation of methanol production in the Amur Region. If we talk about the last project, this is one of the most ambitious projects on the territory of the Tor. The plant is more export-oriented - 80/90% is planned to be delivered to the PRC. Until now, the Far East has not produced such products, this is the first experience of exporting to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. But in addition to the products, the plant will produce impressive tax payments to the Russian budget. In addition, you need to take into account the multiplier effect of the emergence of such a powerful production:

Since 2014, Tehnolizing (part of the Unified Social Tax Group) has been implementing a project to create methanol production in Skovorodino on the basis of its own railway oil terminal. Private investment in the project will amount to 49 billion rubles. It is planned that the volume of production will be about 1 million tons per year. The raw material for the methanol plant is natural gas from the Power of Siberia gas pipeline (it runs 15 km from the Plant). Launch of the methanol plant is planned for the end of 2022. Part of the production is planned to be delivered to the APR markets. The company "Tehnolizing", which implements this project, is interested in attracting a strategic partner for the organization of sales of methanol, as well as the possible financing of its project.



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