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The first ingot of gold was smelted by the resident of the NOR "Nikolaevsk"

NGK Resource, a resident of the Nikolaevsk Tor, cast the first gold bar in preparation for the launch of a gold mining enterprise at the Polyanka deposit in the Khabarovsk Territory. The investment project is being implemented in agreement with JSC Far East Development Corporation.

The company entered the final stage of readiness. The facilities of the first stage were put into operation, licenses necessary for the implementation of activities were obtained.

β€œIn the commissioning mode, we launched a crushing and screening complex, a gold extraction plant and today we cast the first gold bars of 860 samples with a total weight of about 39 kilograms,” explained the project manager of NGK Resource LLC, Valery Guminsky.

Construction of the necessary infrastructure at the Polyanka field began in the spring of 2018. Special attention is paid to environmental safety measures, all facilities are designed for an earthquake with a power of 9 points. To date, a quarry for ore extraction, heap leaching sites and a buffer capacity of 75,000 cubic meters, reagent warehouses are ready, a substation, a generator are installed, a boiler room is running, water intake and power lines are mounted. The investor also built a temporary berth for accepting cargoes on the Amur-Yalinskaya channel and the access dirt roads provided for by the project documentation with a length of more than 3 km. There is a laboratory that allows you to quickly assess the gold content in the ores.

In addition, the TOR resident has set up a base camp for workers, there is a hostel and a canteen, heating and water are provided, all social issues are resolved.

Ore will be mined at the Polyanka open pit and the crushed rock will be laid on a heap leaching site covered with a special film. After the ore has been treated with chemical reagents, the gold-containing solution will fall into a special tank, from where it will be recycled to the gold recovery plant. "NGK Resource" will become the second company that has mastered similar production in the Khabarovsk Territory.

According to the project, the Polyanka deposit is designed for the extraction of 1.5 tons of gold per year, and may become one of the largest in the Khabarovsk Territory. Protected reserves of gold, only in one southern zone, amount to 15.2 tons. Currently, a resident of the TOROV Nikolaevsk region conducts additional exploration of the field.

The company's investment in the project exceeded 2.6 billion rubles. The project has already allowed to employ 135 people. More than 20 million rubles of tax deductions are transferred to the budget quarterly. With the enterprise reaching its design capacity, tax revenues will exceed 600 million rubles a year.

Recall, today, according to agreements with JSC KRDV, 337 residents with investment projects totaling 2.3 trillion rubles and plans to create 57,500 jobs, of which 85 projects have already been successfully implemented, carry out investment activities in the Far Eastern territories of advanced development. The total amount of investment exceeds 280 billion rubles, created 17,335 jobs.

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.



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