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Expert: Russia should cooperate with China in Arctic zone development

Development of the Russian Arctic zone’s regions may benefit from cooperation with China in modern technologies, an expert of the Project Center for Arctic Development (PORA), Associate Professor at the Presidential Academy Alexander Vorotnikov told TASS.

"The best thing we could do now for development of the Arctic zone is to use breakthrough international practices and advance technologies," he said. "In certain directions, China is ahead of Russia in technology developments, and I believe we should cooperate with China in this sphere."

According to the expert, China has advance technologies in gas production, renewable energy, unmanned transport (including marine transport).

"Chinese equipment and technologies have been used in the Yamal LNG project, which is very important for Russia under the circumstances of sanctions," the scientist continued. "China has great experience in ecology - their experiments in terra-formation, in managing ecology damage could be used in the Arctic."

Yamal LNG (50.1% owned by Novatek, 20% - France’s Total, 20% - China’s CNPC, 9.9% - Silk Road Fund) is Novatek’s first LNG plant on the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye field in Russia’s Arctic region. The plant’s first line was commissioned on December 5. 2017.

The Russian Arctic zone includes the Murmansk, Nenets, Yamal, Chukotka Regions, a part of the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Arkhangelsk, Komi, Karelia and Yakutia Regions, and territories and islands in the Arctic Ocean. The Russian Arctic zone borders four countries: the USA, Canada, Norway and Denmark, which owns Greenland.

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