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"Exclusive Interview Of The Head Of The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Denis Manturov"

Drug safety is part of the national security strategy of Russia. How successfully do we replace imports? What if domestic analogues of foreign drugs simply do not exist? What are the opportunities to reduce the price of vital medicines? Are there any complaints about the quality of our medical products and in the production of which medical equipment are we still lagging behind?

The host of the Pozdnyakov program talked about this with Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation:

About the size of the domestic pharmaceutical market

Today, the market has grown to almost a trillion three hundred (billion rubles), while the share of (Russian-made drugs) has increased to over 30 percent.

About the transnational pharmaceutical lobby

This is not a fantasy. As for large pharmaceutical companies, of course, all manufacturers are interested in making profits and super-profits. And for them, the emergence of a competitor who is gradually replacing them from a good day in their market is a challenge

About the list of essential medicines

It is constantly expanding, updating, and at the same time prices are regulated - in order to avoid the temptation to get volume and feel the need to get super-profits in this production sector

About investment

Over the past 6 years, more than 120 billion rubles have been invested only in the pharmaceutical sector by foreign companies

About medical equipment

The only thing where we are still lagging behind today and we do not have authentic development and production is computer tomographs and in terms of MRI



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