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The Director General of the KRDV highly appreciated the Yakut territories of priority development

Director General of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East Aslan Kanukoev paid a working visit to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). During the three-day trip, business meetings were held with investors of advanced development territories and the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vladimir Solodov.

So, on the investment sites of the TOR “Industrial Park“ Kangalassy ”, there was communication with representatives of the resident companies“ Egoplast ”,“ Warm Land ”,“ Sakha Lipsnele ”,“ Sakhaplastekh ”,“ NEFU Testing Ground ”,“ Jinhaitun-Ceramics ”,“ Seybiem "," Techservice. "

“Previously, our company produced only plastic windows,” said Nurgustan Ivanov, executive director of Teply Krai LLC. - The status of the TOR resident, which we received three years ago, allowed us to open a new direction: the production of building sandwich panels with a capacity of 150 thousand square meters. meters per year. We received a land plot of 1 hectare and all the necessary engineering infrastructure, tax benefits and preferences, invested 45 million rubles in the project, which is 10 million rubles more than previously planned investments, and created 14 new jobs. As a result, Yakutians can purchase our products at affordable prices and with delivery. ”

At the construction site of the Techservice company, the general director of AO KRDV got acquainted with the progress of the project on the production of asphalt concrete mix.

“We are planning to launch production at a capacity of 60 tons per hour in June 2019,” said Vasily Zakharov, director of Techservice LLC. - We are implementing the project on a 1 ha land plot provided by the Far East Development Corporation. To date, we have already invested 19 million rubles. We will not stop at what we have achieved - we will expand, during the implementation we will create more than 20 new jobs. ”

The prospects and opportunities opening up for the diamond-cutting and jewelry industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) due to the creation of the jewelry-cutting cluster in the IP Kangalassy Tor were evaluated during the presentation of the second stage of the investment project of the Seibiem company. According to Anna Ivanova, the general director of Seibiem LLC, the implementation of the project within the framework of the TOR allowed it to receive a land plot and all the necessary engineering infrastructure.

Aslan Kanukoev also took part in the Sakha-Japan Investment Seminar as part of the Japanese Investor Day in Yakutsk, together with representatives of the Ministry of Economics and Industry of Japan, Hokkaido Bank and the Bureau of Economics and Industry of Hokkaido, as well as Japanese business circles.

One of the events of the business program was the official opening of the second stage of the greenhouse complex LLC Sayuri in the village of Syrdy in Yakutsk.

In 2016, the company “Sayuri” became a resident of the Industrial Industrial Park “Kangalasy”. In a short period of time, thanks to the TOR regime and the cooperation of two countries - Japan and Russia, a small experimental greenhouse became a unique large-scale investment project for Yakutia, standing out from the rest of the residents of this territory. Entering additional areas of the new greenhouse complex will allow satisfying the needs of Yakutsk residents and suburbs for fresh vegetables: the investor will be able to collect up to 1,000 tons of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens all year round.

Aslan Kanukoev, General Director of KRDV JSC, believes that such impressive results were achieved thanks to the support of the region and development institutions: for the project implementation, a land plot of 8.5 hectares was provided, electricity supply of 7.3 million rubles was provided. Currently, the issue of the possibility of technological connection to the water supply networks is being resolved.

“I wish the Sayuri company further development and growth, expansion of the types of products produced and successful commercial activities. And we, in turn, will help this unique project for Yakutia, ”said Aslan Kanukoev.

A continuation of the business trip of the Director General of KRDV JSC to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) was a visit to the South Yakutia Territory, where 13 investment projects are being implemented for a total of 109.7 billion rubles and 7,456 jobs are created. Aslan Kanukoev met with residents and visited the sites of the mining and concentration complexes Denisovsky, Inaglinsky, RPBK, Center TP BELAZ-24 and Aiko.

For example, the Inaglinsky mine, which plans to produce coking coal and produce high-quality coal concentrate, has already built a coal mine and a processing plant to process high-ash coal, is currently building the mine and the Inaglinskaya-2 mineral processing plant , foundations for other objects have already been completed.

GOK "Denisovsky" is building warehouses, pumping station water supply, loading and rolling of coal in cars, fire station, including the installation of external engineering networks and the reconstruction of the railway station "Pogruzochnaya."

A year ago, a catering company launched the Ayko company, opening a canteen for workers of mining and processing complexes and the delivery of hot food to the facilities. The project is designed to cater for up to 800 people per day, while providing for a round-the-clock work schedule. The resident of TOR produces various ready-to-cook semi-finished products and works on original recipes and menu items.

In the fall of 2017, the official representative of the Belarusian Automobile Plant launched the center of technical support for quarry equipment BELAZ in the Neryungri district of Yakutia, which corresponds to international standards. The resident has equipped the enterprise with modern specialized equipment, carries out warranty and after-sales service, overhaul of components and assemblies of mining dump trucks necessary for the efficient operation of anchor investors of South Yakutia Tor and other enterprises of the region.

The company "RPBK" creates a repair and production base for the repair and maintenance of equipment and equipment for the anchor resident of SOR "South Yakutia" - LLC "UK" Kolmar ". At present, the installation of the metal structures of the frame has already been completed, equipment and materials have been purchased for the first phase of construction.

The General Director of KRDV JSC positively assessed the performance of the Kolmar Group of Companies, which creates favorable conditions for the formation of a pool of small business representatives and is creating a real industrial center of the macroregion. Since the beginning of the work of the Kolmar company, 10 million tons of coal have been mined at the Inaglinskoye and Denisovskoye deposits. The indicators continue to grow: this year 6.9 million tons will be produced, in the future it is planned to produce up to 40 million tons annually. It created about 4,000 jobs, with a subsequent increase to 7 thousand. This social dimension of the project is the most important for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

At the end of the visit's program, the head of the KRDV JSC held a working meeting with residents of the South Yakutia TDI, Center TP BELAZ-24, Kolmar Management Company, Yakutia Nitro Siberia, ALMAZ, RPBK, SGT Vostok ”,“ FLIGHT ”,“ Ayko ”,“ PM-Yakutia ”and“ BF-TOR ”. Investors were interested in the issues of interaction with the authorities and optimization of business plans in order to adjust the financial indicators and the number of planned jobs in terms of increase.

“Advanced development areas: South Yakutia and Kangalasy Industrial Park are different in specification and capacity, but work with high results, becoming real centers for attracting investment,” said Aslan Kanukoev. - Entrepreneurs, using the tools of development, demonstrate strong growth. Of the 29 residents, one third have already launched their enterprises, and some have begun to expand their business, providing the Yakutians with their own products. In addition, the issue of extending a special regime to the western and northern territories of Yakutia has already been resolved, which should most favorably affect the attraction of new investments in the regional economy. I especially want to note the purposeful policy of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and its significant contribution to the implementation of all investment projects. ”

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.



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