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Belarus repays $84.7 mln IMF stand-by tranche

 Belarus has made a principal payment totaling $84.7 million on its stand-by facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

"Belarus fulfilled its commitment on the IMF stand-by facility with a principal payment of 54.7 million SDR [special drawing rights], the equivalent of $84.7 million," the statement says.
Minsk's most recent payments on the loan were an overall $169.1 million on March 31 and April 1 and $85 million on March 21.
Belarus is due to repay $1.3 billion, including interest, to the IMF in 2014. It received the stand-by facility, which totaled 2.26952 billion SDR ($3.4 billion), in the January 2009-April 2010 period.
Belarusian Finance Minister Nikolai Snopkov said in November 2013 that the government planned to obtain an IMF loan this year to refinance current debt and finance structural economic reform in the country.
The head of the IMF mission in Belarus, David Hofman, said this month that the IMF was not yet in negotiations with the Belarusian authorities regarding a new credit.
23 April 2014

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