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AVentures Capital and other partners invest in Russia’s Divan.TV.

AVentures Capital, along with several other private investors, is amongst the first firms to invest into Russian TV concept, Divan.TV.

Divan.TV is a new concept in the television experience targeting the Central Eastern European area. Adventures Capital has stated that their investment, at this time, has not exceeded $1 million.

Divan.TV, backed up by Aventures Capital's investment intends to enter mass market from autumn in CIS market. The Divan.TV Company, for which Aventures Capital is the key investor, is planning from autumn to enter the mass market.

The Divan.TV will offer media players to potential TV users. When connected to TV sets, the media players will provide a set of multimedia services (television, vod, messaging, Internet, video conference calls, e-commerce apps, payments, etc).

Aventures Capital did not disclose the sum of investment, although the company said that it does not exceed $1 million at the moment. Aventures Capital started its operation in 1994. Its founder is Andrey Kolodyuk and since its creation, the company has realized over 30 projects with $1 billion turnover in the IT and IT distribution, telecommunication, media and commercial property areas.

Divan.TV was established in 2009 and has quickly developed into a new platform that could change the way everyone experiences television. With the Divan box attached to the television, consumers can interact with their television through several multi-media methods.

Divan is targeting the Ukraine and Russia for its initial release in Fall 2011. Divan believes it will be in 1 million households by 2014.

AVentures Capital was founded in 1994 by Andrey Kolodyuk, and has realized over $1 billion in assets through 30 separate projects. Aventures Capital targets innovative IT start up ventures and is expanding its interests into the telecommunications and commercial property industries.

Since its inception, AVentures Capital has been growing rapidly, expanding its activities both in the domestic and international markets.
The company aims to nurture and build global technology companies based on innovative technologies developed in Ukraine by providing venture capital and value add management. The aim is to bring Ukrainian commercial real estate to international standards by delivering innovative real estate solutions on the basis of technological excellence.
The company’s main business activities include development and financing of Hi-tech venture projects, investing in highly profitable projects in other sectors and investment advisory services.

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