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All-Russian campaign "Welcome to the Village" continues on Sakhalin

Specialists of the Dolinsk Central District Hospital conducted an on-site reception of residents in the village of Bykovo, Dolinsky District, Sakhalin Region, as part of the Doing in the Village All-Russian Campaign. The project, designed to improve the state of obstetric points, increase the availability of medical services to the population, as well as expand the knowledge of residents of remote villages about their health, is being held on Sakhalin for a second year.

The action was organized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation together with the Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Volunteers-Medical All-Russian Social Movement.

Within the framework of the campaign, a team of Dolinskaya CRH narrow specialists - a dermatologist, gynecologist, surgeon, ultrasound specialist, neurologist - examined and consulted about 70 residents of the village of Bykovo.

Note, the All-Russian campaign “Dobro v selo” is divided into two blocks: community work day in the FAP and on the territory adjacent to it by the forces of the “Volunteers-medics” movement and local residents, and the medical component.  On a volunteer on volunteers, they are engaged in cleaning the territory adjacent to the FAP, forming a convenient approach to the doors, restoring and painting stairs, fences and fences. Small cosmetic works are carried out inside the building (painting, whitewashing, changing light bulbs), cleaning the room, etc.

The medical unit includes the initial examination and consultations of the doctors of the visiting teams of hospitals. Villagers can quickly undergo diagnosis of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, learn about the presence of risk factors for the development of diseases.

As Ksenia Velichkovskaya, the regional coordinator of the Volunteers Medical All-Russian Movement, explained, medical students volunteers conduct a survey among residents to identify risk factors for the development of various diseases, measure anthropometric data and blood pressure.

Residents are offered to undergo a series of examinations, rapid HIV testing, ultrasound, mammography and fluorography, to talk with experts who give advice on maintaining health, help to give up bad habits. Volunteers distribute educational literature, a brochure with recommendations on how to prevent and diagnose stroke.

Recall the action will last until the end of November 2019. During this time, medical teams will visit more than 50 settlements of the Sakhalin region.

Until the end of June, residents of Vzmorye, Starodubskoye, Pokrovka, Uglezavodsky, Dolinsky district, villages of Listvenichnoe, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsky urban district, Voskhod, Krasnaya Tym Tymovsky area will have the opportunity to pass an inspection of the visiting team.



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